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10/12/2015: Record 21 Million to Practice Earthquake Safety (Release)
10/12/2015: ShakeOut Media Events - Southern California (Advisory)
10/12/2015: ShakeOut Media Events - Bay Area (Advisory)
10/08/2015: Radio/TV Stations and ShakeOut, Options for Participation (Invitation)
09/25/2015: ShakeOut Breakfast Leadership Summit to Feature City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Dr. Lucy Jones (Advisory)
09/10/2015: FEMA Encourages Participation in Oct 15 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (Release)
08/22/2015: The Numbers Crunch: Waiting, worrying and preparing for the ‘Big One’ (The Sacramento Bee)
08/05/2015: San Andreas for Preppers: 12 Essential Survival Lessons from the Movie (Before It's News)
08/04/2015: Balancing rocks trace history of 'jumping' earthquakes (BBC News - England)
08/02/2015: NSF awards grants for study of Nepal earthquake (Military Technologies News)
07/30/2015: FEMA Official Warns: “Everything West Of Interstate 5 Will Be Toast”, Massive Natural Disaster Coming (VIDEO) (Before It's News)
06/16/2015: To sway public, scientists need to tell stories (KBIA)
06/10/2015: How Real Is San Andreas Earthquake Movie? (CIO Today)
06/09/2015: San Andreas for Preppers: 12 Essential Survival Lessons from the Movie (Before It's News)
06/04/2015: Disaster Makes for Good Entertainment (Mountain News)
06/01/2015: Did the movie San Andreas suggest the “Triangle of Life” myth? Just kind of.
06/01/2015: What does San Andreas teach us about preparedness? (BellaOnline)
06/01/2015: San Andreas: Separating 5 Facts From Earthquake Fiction (The Huffington Post - Blog)
06/01/2015: How Realistic Is The Disaster Movie San Andreas? (Prudent Reasonable Emergency Preparedness)
05/30/2015: Separating five facts from earthquake fiction in “San Andreas,” the movie (
05/29/2015: LOL: The Rock Says Everything In 'San Andreas' Could Totally Happen (LAist)
05/29/2015: In 'San Andreas,' There's Plenty for Quake Experts to Find Fault With (ENR California)
05/29/2015: Separating facts from earthquake fiction in San Andreas, the movie (Civil + Structural Engineer)
05/29/2015: FEMA Uses 'San Andreas' Film Showing to Educate Bay Area People on Earthquake Prep (KGO 810)
05/29/2015: In 'San Andreas,' there's plenty for quake experts to find fault with - LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
05/29/2015: 'San Andreas' filmmakers disregarded science advice, expert says (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
05/29/2015: In 'San Andreas,' there's plenty for quake experts to find fault with (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
05/29/2015: Is 'San Andreas' real? For starters, you can't run in a major quake (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
05/29/2015: The San Andreas movie couldn’t happen, despite what Dwayne Johnson says (Entertainment Wise)
05/28/2015: 'San Andreas' movie has unrealistic science, quake expert says - LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
05/28/2015: Seeing the movie 'San Andreas'? Drop, cover and laugh. - LA Times (Los Angeles Times)
05/28/2015: What Will Really Happen When San Andreas Unleashes the Big One? (Smithsonian)
05/27/2015: Science a bit shaky in earthquake movie 'San Andreas' (
05/27/2015: Scientists say 'San Andreas' is not accurate: Will moviegoers care? (Yahoo! News)
05/27/2015: L.A. Mayor Hopes ‘San Andreas’ Wakes up City to Threat of ‘Big One’ (Breitbart)
05/27/2015: Epic Fault (Willamette Week)
05/25/2015: Earthquake safety tips: Before, during, after (
05/22/2015: The straight scoop on the real San Andreas (The Santa Clarita Valley Signal)
05/19/2015: Written testimony of FEMA Office of Response and Recovery Deputy Associate Administrator Robert Fenton for a House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management hearin (Homeland Security)
04/28/2015: Like Nepal, SoCal will have a major quake; how we prepare now will determine our recovery: Lucy Jones (Los Angeles Daily News (AP))
04/27/2015: California residents reminded to prepare for the next big quake (KTVU)
04/22/2015: USGS, Clear Channel Launch Earthquake Preparedness Campaign (Los Angeles Sentinel)
02/02/2015: Drop, Cover, and Hold On (The Hutchiunson News, Kansas)
01/27/2015: Time to start preparing (The World )
01/01/2015: New L.A. Earthquake Retrofit Plan Emphasizes Economic Impacts (Eastern Group Publications)
12/30/2014: FLASH offers online earthquake vulnerability assessments (Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek)
10/26/2014: Teachers, students play roles in Great California ShakeOut (Tahoe Daily Tribune)
10/25/2014: Hermosa Beach employees join the Great California Shakeout, share emergency tips (The Beach Reporter)
10/24/2014: Montebello schools join state in earthquake preparedness drill (Los Angeles Wave)
10/24/2014: Valley-area schools, businesses participate in Great ShakeOut (The Valley News)
10/23/2014: School participates in California ShakeOut (Courier)
10/22/2014: Drill shakes out courthouse staff (Lake County Record-Bee (AP))
10/21/2014: Pilibos Participates in California’s ‘Great Shake Out’ (
10/21/2014: Great Shakeout simulates 8.0 quake (The Orange County Register)
10/21/2014: United States: Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Teaches Preparedness (
10/21/2014: Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Teaches Preparedness (
10/16/2014: Great California ShakeOut prepares students for the big one (Daily Titan)
10/16/2014: Central Coast students participate in Great California ShakeOut (
10/16/2014: San Francisco students take cover for the 'Great California ShakeOut' (ABC7 News)
10/16/2014: Napa earthquake prompts readiness in Marin on 25th anniversary of Loma Prieta (Marin Independent Journal (AP))
10/16/2014: Rancho Mirage Shakeout drill preps for earthquakes (The Desert Sun)
10/16/2014: Chamlian Participates in California’s ‘Great ShakeOut’ (
10/16/2014: Millions Participate in "Great ShakeOut" Quake Drill (KGO 810)
10/16/2014: Quake drill: Santa Maria schools among more than 25 million participants (Santa Ynez Valley News)
10/16/2014: Millions across California participate in 'Great Shakeout' earthquake drill (w/video) (The Press Democrat)
10/16/2014: Emergency responders prepare for major earthquake at Biola University in La Mirada (Whittier Daily News)
10/16/2014: Hundreds of students head to SJ Tech Museum for statewide 'ShakeOut' (ABC7 News)
10/16/2014: Emergency preparedness practiced at the Mendocino County Office of Education (Ukiah Daily Journal)
10/16/2014: CCHS students help with Great Shakeout "casualties" (KESQ TV-3)
10/16/2014: Di Giorgio Elementary School practices earthquake drill in the Great California ShakeOut (
10/16/2014: Redlands students drop, cover, hold on in Great California ShakeOut (Redlands Daily Facts)
10/16/2014: La Cañada survives Great California Shakeout earthquake drill (Los Angeles Times)
10/16/2014: After months of studies, Los Angeles' building department will recommend... (
10/16/2014: Great ShakeOut: 20 million people participate in worldwide earthquake drill (e! Science News)
10/16/2014: More than 10 million Californians are expected to participate in... (
10/16/2014: As New Study Warning Of Imminent Major Earthquake in California, Millions to Participate in ‘Great ShakeOut’ Drill (KTLA 5)
10/16/2014: Statewide drill preparing for the "Big One" (KFMB-TV CBS-8)
10/16/2014: Great ShakeOut: How To Survive An Earthquake (London's Biggest Conversation)
10/16/2014: L.A. agency to urge mandatory quake retrofits for older apartments (Los Angeles Times (Premium))
10/15/2014: City-Wide Disaster Drill! (Culver City Observer)
10/15/2014: Every Second Counts (Pasadena Weekly)
10/15/2014: Campus to join statewide ‘ShakeOut’ Thursday (UC Berkeley NewsCenter)
10/15/2014: Rockin’ Rollin’ Shakin’ Preparin’ (#EQChat) (
10/15/2014: L.A. agency to urge mandatory quake retrofits for older apartments (Los Angeles Times)
10/15/2014: The Great ShakeOut: Millions Plan To Participate In Earthquake Drill (The Huffington Post)
10/15/2014: ‘Great California ShakeOut’ set for 10:16 a.m. (Los Angeles Daily News (AP))
10/15/2014: 10 million plus Californians participating in earthquake drill (Manteca Bulletin)
10/15/2014: Millions Plan To Participate in Earthquake Drill (KOLO)
10/15/2014: Annual ShakeOut drill to be held today (Daily Trojan)
10/15/2014: LA MIRADA, Calif. ( NEW ) — Millions of ... (
10/15/2014: The Great ShakeOut Earthquake drill- 10/16/14, 10:16 AM (Before It's News)
10/15/2014: Get in the Groove and Shake It California! (Coachella Valley Weekly)
10/15/2014: LA agency to urge mandatory quake retrofits for older apartments (Lodi News-Sentinel)
10/15/2014: Drop, Cover and Take A Selfie: Earthquake Drills in the Twitter Age (Web 2.0 News)
10/15/2014: Modesto schools join Great ShakeOut to be quake-ready (The Modesto Bee)
10/15/2014: Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill set for Thursday (The Bakersfield Californian)
10/15/2014: Millions plan to participate in earthquake drill - WCBD-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Charleston, SC (WCBD News 2)
10/15/2014: Video Games And A Great ShakeOut Teach About Earthquakes At The Birch Aquarium | KPBS (KPBS)
10/15/2014: Great ShakeOut earthquake drill (Ramona Sentinel)
10/15/2014: Shakeout Drill aims to raise awareness (The Wave - 102.3 FM)
10/15/2014: Thousands 'drop, cover and hold on' in statewide earthquake drill (KUSI News)
10/15/2014: Costa Mesa school goes all out for California ShakeOut (The Orange County Register)
10/15/2014: Photos: Great California ShakeOut offers a rehearsal for earthquakes (Photos And Videos - Mercury News)
10/15/2014: Millions Plan to Participate in Earthquake Drill (Big News
10/14/2014: Great ShakeOut set for Thursday (Vallejo Times Herald (AP))
10/14/2014: La Mirada ‘Get Ready to ShakeOut’ on October 16 (La Mirada Lamplighter)
10/14/2014: Earthquake drill planned for Thursday (Coast Report Online)
10/14/2014: Meetings coming up (San Jose Mercury News)
10/14/2014: Loma Prieta earthquake's 25th anniversary remembered with activities and events (San Jose Mercury News)
10/14/2014: Californians prep for Great Shakeout (Inland News Today)
10/14/2014: Join me in 'Shaking Out' this Thursday (Times-Standard Online)
10/14/2014: Are You Ready to ShakeOut? (AARP)
10/14/2014: Great ShakeOut earthquake drill set for Thursday (
10/14/2014: Millions plan to 'drop, cover, hold on' in California earthquake drill (Courier Islander)
10/14/2014: Millions plan to ‘drop, cover, hold on’ in California earthquake drill (Medicine Hat News)
10/14/2014: Millions plan to participate in earthquake drill (San Luis Obispo)
10/01/2015: The Long Walk Home
09/30/2015: Preparing for the next big one? New law could require L.A. to strengthen buildings against earthquakes
09/26/2015: San Bernardino County Museum to host ‘ShakeOut’ resource fair
09/26/2015: When The Big One hits, will you be ready? Take our quiz to be sure
09/21/2015: When The Big One hits, Will You be Ready? Take this Quiz to be Sure
08/29/2015: Santa Monica’s Katrina story (Santa Monica Daily Press)
08/17/2015: The king of all earthquakes: Here’s why California is right to be terrified by the ‘Big One’ (Raw Story)
08/12/2015: What To Do Before, During, and After an Earthquake (Our River Town)
08/11/2015: UNR seismologists: Earthquake swarm to keep shaking Nevada (Reno Gazette-Journal (AP))
04/28/2015: Like Nepal, SoCal will have a major quake; how we prepare now will determine our recovery: Lucy Jones (Pasadena Star-News (AP))
04/27/2015: California prepares for the next 'big one'... (KBET 790 Talk Now)
04/27/2015: Californians step up plans to counter the 'big one' (Financial Times Print Edition (Europe))
04/27/2015: California residents reminded to prepare for the next big quake (KTVU)
04/26/2015: Caltech’s Dr. Lucy Jones: Nepal serves as reminder of Big One that will strike California (Whittier Daily News)
04/13/2015: Who should pay for quake retrofits? (News On Feeds)
04/09/2015: California exploring ways to fund ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system (Homeland Security News Wire)
04/07/2015: Inside Caltech's Earthquake Early Warning Lab (

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